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Glasgow Southside Growers!

What happens to your surplus fruit & veg during the growing seasons?


Don't let it go to waste...

Plant Grow Share takes donated produce from allotment & back garden growers and delivers it to community groups and food banks who

really need it.


Our system is simple...

 Come growing season, a delivery team will gather donated produce once a week and deliver it to our partner organizations.

Please be aware that we are taking into consideration the up to date restrictions as a result of COVID, and will be working hard to stay on top of

health & safety demands.

We're currently working with...

Pollokshields Food Point

Milk Cafe

& Rumpus Room

 Pollokshields Food Point is a friendly daily community food access point in Pollokshields lead by Southside Housing Association & Pollokshields Mutual Aid with a myriad of local partners. 

Milk Cafe provides meals for the homeless and also works to support asylum seekers, refugees, and migrants.


Rumpus Room is an artist-led organisation dedicated to collaborative practice with children, young people and families in order to challenge how we learn, play and make art. 


Want to get involved?

We could use your help!

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There are several ways to get involved in Plant Grow Share...


We will soon be applying for funding to support our 2nd season starting in the Spring of 2021. Next season we will be continuing our donation and raised bed construction program. We also hope to find disused space in the Govanhill area to start an after school growing program, which will also work to supply the food banks, pantries and community groups in the area. 

If you have any worthwhile connections for us, or if you want to help in our search, please do not hesitate to be in touch! 



If you have a Southside allotment, you're on our map! Get in touch with us if you want to donate and/or learn more about our process.


Finally, if you are interested in becoming a back garden grower and receiving support in raised bed building, maintenance, and harvesting, we have a great network of suppliers, builders, and resources to offer. All we ask is that you consider donating some of what you grow...


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